SCSM Datawarehouse Jobs Failing

Anybody who works with SCSM knows the DW can be a finicky mistress.  You have to treat her well or she will make your life miserable.    Jobs failing, Cubes not processing.  Rerruning jobs from the consoles gets you no where most of the time.  I’ve had to deal with this on multiple occasions and it isnt fun when CAB is quickly approaching and no data is coming into the reports.  This is one of my bigger issues so I thought I would share the information I recieved from Microsoft support on how to get things running smoothly again.

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Dealing with Review Activities, Dynamic Approvers and a Static Approver Count

When I am dealing with Review Activities in Service Manager I always use Orchestrator to populate the reviewers.  I try to hard code as little as possible into the templates so I have to maintain as little as possible.  One requirement that I was given for a change management project I worked on was to use an AD group that would contain CAB voting members and use that group to populate the CAB review activity.  One caveat to that was, no matter how big the AD group got, only 3 approvers where needed.  The problem is, a review activity sets the approval threshold by percentage.  If we had 10 possible CAB voters then I could set the threshold to 30% but if we added an additional 2 or 3 users to that group then 30% would no longer work and I’m not going to babysit that template as people come and go.  

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