Service Manager 2016 Update Releases

SCSM 2016 has been updated and with each update comes improvements so it’s always best to make sure you are staying on top of these things.  So far since release we have seen 2 Update Releases for SCSM 2016.  If you are not sure how to check what version you are on then I will explain.   Continue reading “Service Manager 2016 Update Releases”

Service Manager 2016 Upgrade

I have completed the upgrade to Service Manager 2016 and wanted to share my thoughts on how the process went.  Over all is was pretty painless but there where a few bumps in the road that I wanted to share.  Continue reading “Service Manager 2016 Upgrade”

Dynamic FSOC Calendar using SharePoint and Orchestrator (Updated)

Sorry for the slow posts.  This new job is no joke.

Here is a pretty easy one that will be invaluable to your company and provide insight to what is going on in IT.  This is a dynamic SharePoint change calendar that will show real time changes and what stage that change is in depending on the customizations you have made to the change process in SCSM. Continue reading “Dynamic FSOC Calendar using SharePoint and Orchestrator (Updated)”

SCSM Datawarehouse Jobs Failing “Automated”

We are going to go back and revisit the datawarehouse article one more time.  You might be saying to yourself, man that was very helpful but there are so many steps, and I have do this once a week, at least, and I have to blah blah blah…that’s why you get paid. Stop complaining!  I’m kidding, I said all that as well.  So I automated the process, and I’m going to share it with whoever stumbles across this page, ’cause that’s just the type of guy I am ;).   Continue reading “SCSM Datawarehouse Jobs Failing “Automated””

Service Request First Call Resolution

It’s not always required to have a Review Activity or Manual Activity for a Service Request but you might have noticed that if you don’t have those then the complete button can take some time to appear for the technician to close the Service Request.  When your techs are on the phones constantly and working multiple sessions this can become an annoyance.  All they want to do is track the call in the ticket and move on.  How about allowing them to track that call, save the ticket and move on to the next and have that ticket close itself?

Continue reading “Service Request First Call Resolution”

Caution Regarding Exposing Requested by User for Change Requests

I’m not sure if this applies to the OOB portal but using the Cireson portal, when adding new fields you need to map them to the Target ID of the field you are mapping to.  One thing that cought me by surprise was trying to get Requested by User working on the portal for change management but no matter what I did the user was not filled out in the console change request.

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Add User Input to Description Field for Incidents from the Portal

Have you ever noticed that Service Requests have the user input from the portal on the front of the ticket but Incidents don’t.  If you’re like most users of SCSM you have probably extended the incident or service request class with some generic fields so you can ask more questions on the portal and have fields to map to, if not I’ll save that for another post.

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