Service Manager 2016 Update Releases

SCSM 2016 has been updated and with each update comes improvements so it’s always best to make sure you are staying on top of these things.  So far since release we have seen 2 Update Releases for SCSM 2016.  If you are not sure how to check what version you are on then I will explain.  The easiest way to determine what version you are running is to go to the Control Panel, Programs and Features and highlight System Center Service Manager 2016 and look at the bottom where it says product version.


Using the Help, About Service Manager in the console does not tell you the version that you need to know so don’t use that to determine when it’s time to upgrade.


Now, to list out the current versions and related KB to help you down your path.

Build Number           KB                   Comment

  1. 7.5.7217.0         TP4                  Technical Preview 4
  2. 7.5.7314.0         n\a                   Technical Preview 5
  3. 7.5.7487.0         n\a                   RTM
  4. 7.5.7487.37      3209594           Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2016 Service Manager (for HTML Portal and Exchange Connector only, main version was not changed)
  5. 7.5.7487.64      4019979           Several fixes to be listed below



So, for the fixes in each update


  1. System Center Configuration Manager 1702 is now supported in this Service Manager update for Configuration Manager Connectors.
  2. You as an administrator create a new Exchange Connector through the System Center 2016 Service Manager console. When you click the Test Connection button in the Server Connection pane of the Create Exchange Connector wizard, you receive an exception.
  3. Requests that are created through the Self-Service Portal always have the Source field of the work item set as Portal and the Status field set as New. These values are not overwritten when a template or Request Offering input mapping is applied.
  4. In the Self-Service Portal, the Request Offering forms display validation errors in English, even when a non-English language is selected.
  5. The Self-Service Portal does not display the full name of users (such as the reviewers list for Review Activity and implementer for Manual Activity) but instead only displays the domain\user-name information for the user.
  6. The My Requests and the My Activities pages do not load in the Self-Service Portal if the object associated to a work item class has duplicate properties that have the same name because of class inheritance.



  1. System Center 2016 Service Manager now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1.
  2. Extending a class and adding a new property that has a default value causes Active Directory (AD) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) connectors to create incorrect relationships for the extended class objects.
  3. The file name extension of an attachment uploaded from the Self Service Portal changes when viewed from the Service Manager console.
  4. Submitting a Request Offering fails in the Self Service Portal if the description form element contains “<” or “>” characters.
  5. Self Service Portal fails to honor the attachment file size restriction specified in the Service Manager console settings.
  6. The Request Offering page in Self Service Portal fails to load if that Request Offering contains a list form element with ServiceRequestSupportGroupEnum enumeration list.

The caveat in these UR updates, normally UR updates contain all the previous fixes from the previous updates but UR2 contains a separate DLL for the exchange connector that needs to be added to the SCSM install path.  This patch only affects the primary management server and portal so its a pretty straight forward upgrade (just make sure you read the section on portal customization first if you’ve done any) and you don’t have to worry so much about the order the patch is applied. UR3 will make changes to all of your SCSM servers so follow the proper upgrade path when applying that one.

Hopefully this helps someone and make sure you stay up to date on SCSM do get the best benefits from your investment.



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