Service Manager 2016 Upgrade

I have completed the upgrade to Service Manager 2016 and wanted to share my thoughts on how the process went.  Over all is was pretty painless but there where a few bumps in the road that I wanted to share. 

First off, you should be following the Microsoft best practices for upgrading SCSM 2012 to 2016.  This can be found here.  This is the guide I followed and covered most of what you need to know to get up and running with SCSM 2016.  I am going to bullet point the issue I ran into and will go into more detail if needed.

  • You will need to install SQL_AS_AMO for SQL 2014 before you start the installation.
  • On the step “To list the data warehouse jobs by using Windows PowerShell cmdlets and disable them” step 2 4th part get-scdwjob | ? {$_.Name -match ‘Extract_’}  | foreach {Disable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName $_.Name}
    Step 3 says it will return a list to use in the next procedure.  It will not.  After you run that script you should then run get-scdwjob | ? {$_.Name -match ‘Extract_’} to get the list.  As you can see in the pervious script it is piping the results to a foreach statement so it is disabling the job schedules but it wont return the list since it was piped.
  • On the to upgrade the datawarehouse management server steps 7,8,9,10 did not appear.  Most likely do to pulling the existing settings from the DB
  • If you have the self service portal installed on the same machine as the management server you will need to install a patch before you can continue.  The installer will provide the link.
  • On upgrading SCSM management server I ran into a fatal error.  Clicking the retry button it completed successfully.  This is most likely do to having the old authoring tool installed.  This should be uninstalled first.
  • Upgrade the rest of your management servers and management consoles.
    Let the datawarehouse mp resync complete.  You can see the status under Data Warehouse\Management Packs in the console
  • You will need to re-enable the DW schedules
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName Extract_DW_SC_MGMT
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName Extract_SC_MGMT
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName Transform.Common
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName load.common
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName dwmaintenance
    Enable-SCDWJobSchedule -JobName mpsyncjob
  • And run mpsync job for good measure
    start-scdwjob -jobname mpsyncjob

That is all it took to get me up and running in 2016 and it is well worth the upgrade.


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