New Adventures Ahead

I’ve started my new job at Microsoft as a Senior Consultant for Orchestrator and SCSM so I hope to have many new adventures ahead and many new lessons to learn and share.  During the transition I might have to slow down a bit on the posts till I get acclimated but hope to soon have them flooding in.  With Microsoft’s backing I hope to expand my knowledge to even greater heights.  Exciting times ahead. Wish me luck 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Adventures Ahead

  1. Willem Tilstra

    Jeff, is it appropriate to ask you question about third party tools – in this case, Orchestrator Health Checker (OHC) – that interact with Orchestrator? We found it helpful but have some questions about some specific parts of it. I don’t find any kind of users manual or even rudimentary instructions so I’ve started fishing for clues.

    Thanks. I’d totally understand if you said that this wasn’t something you’d be comfortable commenting on or getting involved in.



    1. It’s a community tool so i dont see an issue with it. Just remember that none of my responses constitute help from Microsoft. These are only my opinions and responses based on my experience. I’ve used OHC quite a bit so maybe i can help. What is your question?


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