Issue with SCOM 2016 IP for Orchestrator 2016

So I’ve been away for awhile working on new things (HGS, you should take a look at it) and haven’t been able to mess with Orchestrator for some time.  After watching a TechReady video I got inspired to build out a runbook for integrating workflows into HPSM and SCOM using Azure.

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Service Manager 2016 Update Releases

SCSM 2016 has been updated and with each update comes improvements so it’s always best to make sure you are staying on top of these things.  So far since release we have seen 2 Update Releases for SCSM 2016.  If you are not sure how to check what version you are on then I will explain.   Continue reading “Service Manager 2016 Update Releases”

Self Post

So I think it might be time to update my banner to 2016 since I am now running the full 2016 System Center suite.  This doesn’t mean that what I wrote or write will only work on 2016.  If that is the case it will be denoted on the post.  I also want to take this time to re-iterate again that I am an Microsoft employee and I advocate for Microsoft products.  It is my opinion that they are some of the best in class products and I am proud of what we do and our mission at Microsoft.  Again though, my posts are purely to help out the community and to ease adoption of the products I work with on a daily basis.  They are in no way official support from Microsoft but I do try my best to be as accurate as possible.  I hope everyone out there is automating away and making everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable at work.

Happy automating.


Service Manager 2016 Upgrade

I have completed the upgrade to Service Manager 2016 and wanted to share my thoughts on how the process went.  Over all is was pretty painless but there where a few bumps in the road that I wanted to share.  Continue reading “Service Manager 2016 Upgrade”

Orchestrator 2016 Upgrade

So I’m in the process of upgrading my lab to System Center 2016 and decided to do some write-ups on some of the issues that I have ran into during the process that might help some of you out there.

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FSOC Calendar Republished

Go and check out the updated dynamic FSOC calendar post.  I have updated it with directions on how to create the calendar in SharePoint and clarified a few pieces with additional screenshots so hopefully this will make it easier to create this project yourself.

FSOC Calendar Post Unpublished For Now

I decided to unpublish the Automated FSOC Calendar post for now.  I noticed that there where some errors that could cause confusion and I have SharePoint running in my lab so I wanted to add those details into the post as well.  Don’t worry, It will be back soon.  Sorry for the confusion.